Hello and Welcome!



I am a London based freelance costume designer, maker and artist.


I'm originally from Luxembourg, and my home country's cultural heritage, literature and art influenced me a lot as a designer and artist. I graduated with a technical diploma from the Lycée Techniques des Arts et Métiers in Luxembourg in 2010, with Fine Arts as my major subject. I obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Costume Design at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Hanover, Germany in 2015, during which I worked as a costume design assistant at the Theatre National in Luxembourg and designed the costumes in collaboration with two fellow designers for the feature film An Evening Eternity (2016).


I commenced the MA Costume Design For Performance Course at the London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London in 2016, from which I recently graduated with my final piece called Melusina, exploring not only a luxembourgish legend but also women’s liberation in modern society. I love collaborating with other designers, and working with creative teams to bring the very best to the stage. My most recent collaborations include the violin concerto Solitude directed and performed by Ingerine Dahl, which premiered at the Bergen International Festival in June 2017, and Mary’s Hand, an Opera about Mary I of England, starring Clare McCaldin and premiering on 21 June 2018.


My interests lie in integrating transformations and historic fashion elements into my designs and exploring unconventional materials and manipulating fabrics to create my own textures.